math-in coorganize "EU-MATHS-IN: Success Stories of Mathematical Technologies in Societal Challenges and Industry" at ECMI 2018

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On the occasion of the XX European Conference of Mathematics for Industry (ECMI 2018, from June 18 to 22, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary), math-in, together with HU-MATHS-IN and Sportello Mathematico, in the environment of the European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation, EU-MATHS-IN, co-organize a mini-symposium focused on the presentation of successful collaborations in the real world between research centers in Mathematical Technologies and Industry.

The mini-symposium, entitled: "EU-MATHS-IN: Success Stories of Mathematical Technologies in Societal Challenges and Industry", will collect several contributions from the math-in partners, who have expressed their interest in participating during the open period to communicate the proposals.

The series of conferences of the European Consortium of Mathematics in Industry (ECMI) is dedicated to reinforcing the interaction between academia and industry, leading to innovations in both fields. These events have attracted leading experts in business, science and academia, and have promoted the application of new mathematical technologies in the industry. From math-in we hope that ECMI 2018 will further improve multidisciplinary research and development in academia and industry, leading to the formulation of real-life problems and challenges, where mathematics can provide significant new knowledge and at the same time they can be inspired by these interactions.

18/06/2018 - 22/06/2018