Modelado Matemático y Simulación de Sistemas Medioambientales

M2S2M - Modelado Matemático y Simulación de Sistemas Medioambientales - Universidad de Sevilla

Address: Facultad de Matemáticas. C/Tarfia, s/n - Sevilla (Sevilla)
41012 - Spain
+34 954 557 989
+34 954 552 897
Tomás Chacón Rebollo
Tomás Chacón Rebollo

M2S2M research group works on the development of oceanic turbulence models, development of numerical simulation and numerical hydrodynamic modeling flows of environmental systems. These lines of research are useful for prevention of environmental risks and port engineering. In addition, members also work in the development of reduced order models with  specific applications to energy study of buildings and real-time optimization.

  • Training courses
  • Software development
  • Oceanic flow modeling.
  • Modeling of shallow water flows.
  • Environmental risk assessment.
  • Modeling and simulation problems sediment transport, erosion and sedimentation in rivers and coastal areas.
  • Modeling and numerical simulation of aerial and underwater landslides and mudflows (debris flows).
  • Modeling and simulation of tsunamis.
  • Modeling and simulation of turbulence in fluids.
  • Numerical Simulation of hydrodynamic flows.
  • Modeling and numerical approximation using finite volume techniques.
  • Predictive techniques of environmental analysis.
Avalanches. Mudflows. Debris flows. Industrial design. Erosion. hydrodynamic flows. Fluids. Flooding. Port Engineering. Mathematical modeling. Oceanography. Risks prevention. Sedimentation. Numerical simulation. Turbulence. Tsunamis. Trasnport sediment.

Software development