Servicio de Consultoría y Transferencia del CRM

SCT-CRM - Servicio de Consultoría y Transferencia del CRM - Centre de Recerca Matemàtica

Address: Edifici C, Facultad de Ciencias de la UAB - Bellaterra, Barcelona
08193 - Spain
93 581 10 81 | 93 586 85 04
Tim Myers
Tim Myers | Joaquim Bruna
  • Math research center.
  • Knowledge and technology transfer.
  • Studies of ice accretion on structures, aircraft, etc.
  • Drug delivery via nanoparticles.
  • Defrosting/Freesing in the food industry.
  • Study, modeling and simulations of natural disasters (rain, hurricanes, ...).
  • Analysis in human communication (language, text, speech, music).
  • Study and modeling of complex systems and networks.
  • Analysis with statistical and probabilistic methods in complex systems.
  • Modeling of population dynamics.
  • Modeling neural networks.
  • Simulations and statistics in complex networks.
  • Creation of new methodologies for risk control and valuation of financial products.
  • Processing of signal and image transmission.
  • Modeling of tumor growth.
  • Study and design of nanofluids.
  • Study, modeling and simulation of pathologies, infectious diseases, emergencies and invasion of pathogens, control of pests and invasive species control.


  • Industrial Maths: The phase change, mechanics fluid, modeling of physical processes.
  • Complex systems: catastrophic events, language structure.
  • Computational Neuroscience: Neural Networks, dimension reduction, rules of synaptic plasticity.
  • Quantitative Finance and Risk Management: Methodologies for risk control and valuation of financial products.
  • Computational and Mathematical Biology: Modeling cancer and biology systems, development of analytical and computational tools.
  • Mathematical Epidemiology: Dynamics and viral evolution, optimal control of biological processes.
  • Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing.
  • Harmonic Analysis and Approximation Theory.
  • Dynamical systems theory.
  • Modeling and simulation in complex networks and dynamical systems. .
  • Heat transfer models. Models with phase change materials (heat flow and phase change).
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Disturbance Method for approximate solutions.
  • Methods for the assessment of financial and risk control.
  • Stochastic processes.
  • Statistics: Analysis and mining big data, goodness of fit tests.
  • Theory of bifurcations.
  • Fourier Analysis: Representation of functions or signals, superposition of waves, transmission of signals and images.
  • Stochastic methods in population dynamics and systems biology.
  • Graph theory and associated computational methods.
Complex systems, catastrophic events, language structure, statistical, dynamical systems, numerical methods, simulations, data analysis, complex networks, graph theory, stochastic processes, neural networks, neuroscience, population dynamics, quantitative finance, risk, review financial products, signal processing, mathematical biology, cell cycle, cancer, diseases, computational algorithms, biology systems, prediction, nanofluids, nanoparticles, phase change, industrial processes, defrosting, aircraft, viral evolution, epidemiology, infectious disease.