Máster en Técnicas Estadísticas

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The Máster en Técnicas Estadísticas is an interuniversity master organized by the three Galician Universities: A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela (coordinator university) and Vigo. Futhermore, recognized national and international teachers are invited to participate.

The master is coursed by a year and a half. To get the official degree it is neccesary to course 90 ETCS, in general 60 the first year and 30 the second. La duración del mismo es de un año y medio. Para obtener el título del máster se deben completar 90 créditos (en general, 60 el primer año y 30 el segundo). The teaching method is face and the courses are followed by video.

The master is divided into three quarters:

  • First quarter: Fundamentals of Statistics and Operations Research.
  • Second quarter: Advanced courses.
  • Third quarter: Specialized Courses and Master's Thesis (work related to the proposed solution approach and a practical problem, or the initiation of the investigation). There is the possibility of the Master's Thesis through internships.
  • Academic guidance: obtain advanced training in Statistics and Operations Research, both in terms of theoretical and applied.
  • Research guidance: training students for research in the field of Statistics and Operational Research. Take the first steps in the investigation, which culminated in the development of a doctoral thesis.
  • Career guidance: to provide training on application of the methods of Statistics and Operational Research which are valuable in professional practice in many sectors: biosanitary, finance, engineering, and many others, as well as activities that require investigation for which statistical methods are essential.

Graduates and professionals interested in obtaining advanced training in statistical techniques. It permits to access to the doctoral program (also interuniversity) in the area of Statistics and Operations Research and it is also recommended to that students interested in starting a pre-doctoral stage.

  • Financial companies
  • Companies in the sector of health
  • Public administration
  • Business social research
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Many other professional activities

Students have the opportunity to do a Master's Thesis through internship. This is possible thanks to agreements such effect between the three different universities and companies organizing public and private sector as the Galician Statistics Institute or Galician Health Service, among others.

  • Prof. Balbina Casas Méndez, General Coordinator. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.
  • Prof. Jacobo de Uña Álvarez, Universidad de Vigo.
  • Prof. Germán Aneiros Pérez, Universidad de A Coruña.

Balbina Casas Méndez | balbina.casas.mendez@usc.es

Website | http://eio.usc.es/pub/mte

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