Master's degree in Statistics and Operations Research

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The aim of this master’s degree is to provide graduates with advanced knowledge of the theory and methods of current statistics and operations research. The Master's degree in Statistics and Operations Research integrates into multidisciplinary working groups, students who successfully complete this master’s degree course will be able to apply the skills acquired in areas such as healthcare, services, industry, business, science and government agencies. They will also be provided with research-focused training to help them gain access to the doctoral degree.

Universities involved are:

  • Universitat Politèchnica de Catalunya.
  • Universitat de Barcelona.

This master’s degree course is aimed at anyone interested in building on their knowledge ofthe field of statistics and operations research who meets the general and specific access requirements. Appropiate for students with a undergraduate degree in mathematics and science, engineering and economics.

  • Biostatistics and Bioinformatics: Biostatistics at institutions in the area of Health, public and private; Design and analysis of clinical and epidemiological studies in the pharmaceutical industry, public institutions and companies CRO; Bioinformatics-statistical in biotech companies or similar, or in health area; Analysis of large volumes of data in proteomics and genomics experiments.
  • Business and Social Statistics: Exploiting large databases and information systems (clients, transactions ...); Financial analysis, risk insurance, "business intelligence", banking, portfolio, pricing policies, etc.; Expert statistical longitudinal studies, sociological, etc.; Improving the quality and productivity in industry, service companies and the public function; Total quality management, implementation of 6σ process improvement.
  • Operations Research: Experts on modeling and optimization: Problems of resource management and investment Planning, Problems of optimal management of energy Markets, Technical and scientific issues. Data engineering: Protection, privacy and data exploitation; statistical disclosure control, privacy preserving data mining.

The MEIO has been organizing during the last five years a joint action for companies and institutions with students and their professors which helps to define collaborations and proposals for Master Thesis related to Operations Research and Statistical areas. Last acadèmic course 2011-12 the meeting attracted the participation of 12 companies / institutions offering a total of 14 MScThesis proposals. During the Meeting each company / institution presented a poster together with brief five minute presentation of their proposal. During the meeting representatives of companies and institutions had the chance to talk to students about their proposal.

  • Guadalupe Gómez Melis, Director. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.